Janis Davis-Street

Dr. Janis Davis-Street manages the Health and Productivity group of Chevron’s global Health and Medical department. The group’s job functions include providing targeted interventions for identified health risks and designing health education and health promotion programming for employee groups. Serving as global health and wellness consultants across the enterprise, the Health and Productivity group focuses on prevention and the role of personal health as an enabler of safety and productivity. Janis’ qualifications include a doctorate in health education and master’s degrees in nutrition and organizational leadership. She is credentialed as a certified health education specialist and holds a certificate in public health informatics. Prior to joining Chevron in 2006, Janis spent 15+ years as a nutritionist at NASA. Her interests include human performance, organizational learning, health disparities, education outreach, and the roles of physical and psychological wellbeing in preventing chronic diseases. Janis has co-authored several publications on corporate wellness and more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers in the areas of nutrition and spaceflight. She is co-author of “Space Nutrition” – a middle school text book. Outside of Chevron, Janis has led workshops on nutrition, healthy lifestyles and spiritual wellbeing.

Scott  Gottlieb

Scott Gottlieb, MD is a physician and served as the 23rd Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Gottlieb’s work focuses on advancing public health through developing and implementing innovative approaches to improving medical outcomes, reshaping healthcare delivery, and expanding consumer choice and safety. Dr. Gottlieb is an aggressive advocate for advancing the health of patients, promoting healthcare access, and driving innovation. The agency’s historic and prolific advances in new policy distinguished his tenure as the FDA’s commissioner, in addition to a record-setting number of approvals of novel drugs, medical devices, and generic medicines. Under his leadership, the FDA advanced new frameworks for the modern and safe and effective oversight of gene therapies, cell based regenerative medicines, targeted drugs, and digital health devices. The agency implemented new reforms to standardize drug reviews and make historic improvements of post market data collection and the use of real world evidence. They promoted policies to reduce death and disease from tobacco, improve food innovation and safety, and aggressively confront addiction crises.

Previously, Dr. Gottlieb served as the FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for Medical and Scientific Affairs and before that, as a Senior Adviser to the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, where he helped advance policies to improve healthcare quality and promote the effective use of new medical technologies. A healthcare futurist, he has worked as a venture capitalist and founder and board member to companies that have developed new medicines and advance the delivery of healthcare. Dr. Gottlieb is widely published in leading medical journals and periodicals, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. He has held editorial positions on the British Medical Journal and the Journal of the American Medical Association and appears regularly as a guest commentator on CNBC. Fortune Magazine recognized him as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” in 2018 and again in 2019. Modern Healthcare named Dr. Gottlieb as one of the “Most Influential Physician Executive and Leaders” in its annual survey of 50 physician executives, and Time magazine named Gottlieb one of its “50 People Transforming Healthcare in 2018.” Dr. Gottlieb was a practicing hospitalist and a Clinical Assistant Professor at the New York University School of Medicine. He is a member of the National Academy of Medicine and a Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC.

Chris Dancy

Health and wellness pioneer, healthcare technology leader and entrepreneur, Christopher Dancy is frequently referred to as “the world’s most connected human.” Since the 1990s, when he was responsible for platform and technical development for the internet startup of WebMD, he has helped launch a number of successful startup companies in the technology and healthcare industries while serving in digital product development, senior management and leadership roles.

He has been featured on the cover of Businessweek and as“patient zero in the digital health revolution” for the Showtime documentary series Dark Net, and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, NPR, the BBC, Fox News and Wired. As a personal health visionary and innovator, utilizing up to 700 sensors, self-diagnostic devices, applications and services to track, analyze and optimize personal health management – from caloric intake to spiritual well-being, he is able to demonstrate the connections of otherwise invisible data and forecast a transformation that will soon take place in consumer health and nutrition, healthcare business and beyond.

His credits  include “author” with the release of a manifesto and autobiography via St. Martin’s Press entitled “Don’t Unplug – How Technology Saved My Life and Can Save Yours Too.”

Al Lewis

Al wears multiple hats, both professionally and also to cover his bald spot.

Hat #1: Employee Health Literacy. He is the founder and “Quizmeister-in-Chief” of Quizzify, whose mission is to help companies teach their employees to utilize healthcare services appropriately, using a format best described as Jeopardy®-meets-health benefit education-meets-Comedy Central. Quizzify is the only vendor authorized to display the Harvard Medical School “Veritas” shield, and has received excellent reviews from users. His quiz-specific background includes authorship of the best-selling Newsweek Presents the Ultimate Trivia Game which Games Magazine lauded has having the best questions of any trivia game, hosting two quiz shows on Boston network affiliates, and appearing on Jeopardy.

Hat #2: Outcomes Measurement. As an author, his critically acclaimed category-bestselling book on outcomes measurement, Why Nobody Believes the Numbers, chronicling and exposing the innumeracy of the health management field, was named healthcare book of the year in Forbes.  Cracking Health Costs:  How to Cut Your Company’s Health Costs and Provide Employees Better Care, released was also a trade bestseller. Surviving Workplace Wellness has also received great accolades and excerpts appeared in Harvard Business Review. He was the co-founder of the World Health Care Congress’s Validation Institute.

His expertise in outcomes measurement got him named one of the unsung heroes changing health care forever. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa with honors from Harvard, where he taught economics as well. He also graduated from Harvard Law School, albeit with no honors that time — other than winning their annual trivia contest, of course.

Chris Crawford

Over the course of his career, Chris has advised some of the world’s leading employers on their employee benefits programs and strategy. As Health Strategy’s Chief Growth Officer, Chris is responsible for expanding the firm’s pharmacy benefit solutions and enabling more employers to access Health Strategy’s expertise in driving down costs in all areas of the pharmacy benefit supply chain.

Prior to joining Health Strategy, Chris was the Founder of CMC Advisory Group, a boutique employee benefits consulting firm. CMC was later acquired by Cottingham & Butler, one of the largest, privately-held employee benefits brokers in the country, where Chris served as a Vice President and Managing Director. Prior to founding CMC, Chris was the United States Market Development Leader, and a Senior Consultant, with Mercer.

Chris also serves on the Executive Board for Make-A-Wish Illinois and is a Co-Founder of City Santa. Chris earned his Accounting degree from the University of Illinois and also passed the CPA exam. He began his career in public accounting with Arthur Andersen.

Shane Wolverton

Shane Wolverton is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Quantros, Inc.based in Greenville, SC. Shane is responsible for establishing business partnerships and distribution channels for the company and is a sought-after speaker on topics relating to value-based healthcare. He has been a featured speaker at the CMS National Medicare-MedicaidPayment Incentives and Penalties Summit, the American Hospital Association’s National SHSMD Conference, the National Association for Healthcare Quality’s Annual Conference, and the International Health Travel Insurance Conference of the Americas. Prior to joining Quantros, Shane served as senior vice president of corporate development at Comparion Medical Analytics. He also served as a management consultant with Health Care Investment Analysts(now Truven Health Analytics) and the McGraw-Hill Healthcare Management Group. Shane received his undergraduate degree from Auburn University.

Peter Hayes

Over 15 years of health benefits and health policy experience in corporate, consulting and public policy creating arenas. Proven leadership capability and relationship building skills within a corporate environment and external organizations. Co-founder and President of the Maine Health Management Coalition, President of Care Focused Purchasing, Leapfrog Board Member, Executive Advisory Board forExpress Scripts, Aetna, Definity Health and JNJ. Secretary of the Center for Health Value Innovation.Demonstrated innovation in developing strategies to improve the quality of care while achieving flat, multiple year medical cost trends. National presence in health care strategy and innovation.Frequent national keynote speaker. Recipient of national awards such as the NBGH Platinum Award for Health Promotion.

Tim Isenhower

Tim Isenhower, Director of Benefits has worked with HSM and their self-insured health insurance for the past 25 years. Managing a self-insured health plan through the 90’s to today has provided him the opportunity to think out of the box for reduced healthcare cost programs including direct contracting, on-site clinics, chronic disease management, and medical tourism. With IndUShealth, Tim and HSM were pioneers in self-insured companies offering medical tourism, as was presented on ABC News and Nightline.

Darin Hinderman

Darin Hinderman, MT (ASCP), MHA, MBA has 25years of experience working in health care and health management. Darin worked 11 years in a clinical laboratory for the OSF Healthcare System in central Illinois. He earned his Master’s in Healthcare Administration and Master’s in Business Administration from the University of St.Francis in Joliet IL, and his undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from the University of Western Illinois. He also worked for Merck & Co.and joined Caterpillar’s healthcare management team in the fall of 2004. Darin has been involved in the development of PBM transparency standards certified through the Human ResourcePolicyAssociation (HRPA) and lead the launch of the direct employer contact relationship with Walmart and Walgreens. Darin now leads Caterpillar’sGlobal Benefits and Wellness teams. In 2017, Darin serves on the Board of Directors at the MidwestBusiness Group on Health.

Jessica Brooks

Jessica Brooks is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health, where she is leading the effort to redefine the discussion around healthcare value, access and quality for nearly two million people impacted by the tidal wave of government, regulatory and private market shifts in the way employers help their employees maintain healthy and productive lives. Jessica was recognized in the 2015 Smart 50 class, presented by Chase, where the top executives of the smartest 50 companies in the region for their ability to effectively build and lead savvy organizations. Jessica is responsible for the vision of the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health, structuring unique partnerships with data analysis organizations, prescription drug services, and price variation specialists to ensure the organization’s 80+ employer-members, as well as providers and health plans, seek continuous improvement in healthcare value and delivery.

Her number one priority is to ignite empowerment and activation through a collective voice of employers to drive optimal healthcare performance. Her leadership in the development of a Group Lens data platform is being recognized across the country as a bellwether for how employers can better understand the total value of employee health care–aggregating data across a spectrum of companies, which can then be leveraged to further drive cost down and quality up for families. An authority on healthcare quality and access, Jessica has contributed to numerous news stories, opinion editorial pieces, and has appeared on National Public Radio, interviewed by the Kaiser Family Foundation Fellows, and in national healthcare and benefits publications. In 2015 Jessica was recognized by the Pittsburgh Business Times as a top Fast Tracker under 40. Jessica is an adjunct lecturer at her alma mater, The Pennsylvania State University, where she teaches business students in management, human resources, and negotiations. She is also a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University where she received her Masters in Public Management. Jessica currently serves on the board of governors for the Pittsburgh Health Regional Initiative, Lending Hearts, and the National Business Coalition on Health.

Visit for more information about Group Lens, the Prescription Drug Services, and Price Variation tools available for employers.

Brent Nicholson

Brent Nicholson is the Chief Operating Officer at Carrum Health, the industry’s first Centers of ExcellenceCloud platform that directly connects employers to top-quality providers with predictable bundled rates. This presents a unique opportunity for employers to lower healthcare costs while improving employee benefits. Prior to Carrum, Brent was a management and technology consultant and helped some of the nations leading payers and providers undertake large-scale business transformation initiatives, including the transition to value-based care. He is passionate about transforming the payment model in healthcare to ultimately achieve dramatic improvements in the patient experience.

Jan Klein

Jan Klein was the director of business at Mt. Lebanon School District for over 37 years before she retired in December 2018. During the last 20 years of her career, she was a trustee with ACSHIC, AlleghenyCounty Schools Health Insurance Consortium, holding a leadership position with the consortium for most of that time. The consortium provides healthcare to 23,000 school employees and 57,000bellybuttons in seven counties in the region working at 71 different school entities. She consults with the consortium as they transition leadership beyond her retirement.